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Excavating Services

Ace Excavating Austin does a lot more than just digging, grading and demolition. There are many crucial moving aspects throughout a project that need expert care and attention. Even more important is a safe environment where productivity is not compromised.

This is where our highly skilled and professional team of excavators excel. At our core are these professionals who have strong work ethics, and most of all, love what they do. This is why Ace Excavating Austin always delivers top-quality work right on time, every time.

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Site Preparation

We offer a wide range of services related to excavation and site preparation. Some of our most sought after services and areas of special expertise include:

  • Land clearing
  • Land Grading
  • Trench Digging
  • Dirt work
  • Site Preparation

Land clearing

Strong winds and heavy storms sometimes strike Austin out of the blue, leaving many a backyard shredded and destroyed. Demolition sites with useless material and debris are also quite common in and around the city. Not to mention farmlands with destroyed crops or unwanted growth.

For all these reasons and more, land clearing is one of the most sought-after services in Austin.

Ace excavators are fully equipped with all the necessary resources to clear any kind of property, whether that is your backyard or your building site.

Land grading

Land grading is one of the most crucial points that determine the success of a construction project. And the people of Austin always love a good cityscape.
Whether it is a residential construction project or a commercial one, professional and reliable grading is inevitable to ensure a strong foundation.

Ace excavating offers effective custom land grading services to Austinites covering a wide range of aspects from levelling of land to even construction of barriers to ensure proper management of issues like erosion.


A number of ground-related projects both in the residential and the commercial spheres require digging of trenches. And each of these projects demands unique skills and expertise – trenches that require very specific features depending on the project.

From simple residential sewer lines or gas lines to complex utility systems requiring extensive knowledge in trenching more specifically in Austin’s terrain, Ace excavating offers high-level services with a team of professionals who have mastered the science of infrastructure.

Dirt Work

Apart from some of the heavy-duty excavation work such as land clearing and grading, your property may also need some final dirt work touches before you finally get to start your project.

Property owners most often get too overwhelmed and frustrated with this final bit of groundwork as it is often time-consuming and labor-intensive.

Ace excavating seeks to help you with that part as well to make sure that your property is fully prepped and ready to be worked on.

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