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Residential and commercial property owners understand the importance of excavating work done right. If you are looking for excavating contractors in Austin, TX, Hyde Park 78751, look no further. Ace Excavating Austin is your trusted and experienced excavating contractor in Austin.

Ace Excavating Austin has been proudly preparing the solid foundations for countless properties. We understand the complex Texas geology and know how to best approach each excavating project depending on its specific location, the surrounding terrain, and the soil formation. Since soil greatly varies, it takes an expert level of skill and knowledge to handle excavating works properly. 

Moreover, the complicated Texas laws, permits, and regulations regarding excavating projects make a seemingly simple excavating task trickier than it initially appears to be. 

The Services We Offer

Ace Excavating Austin has a team of highly skilled contractors who are well informed and kept up-to-date with the latest Texas laws, regulations, and permits. Our company is licensed, and you can be confident that your trenching, land grading, land clearing, and dirt works will strictly fall within the law. 

Our contractors use the latest technology and the best machinery to complete any excavating projects to perfection, always considering the versatility and non-uniformity of Austin terrain. 

If you own a property in Hyde-Park 78751, Austin TX,  trust your excavating projects in our experienced hands. Contact us today at 512-236-5135 and find out more about our superb services and unparalleled prices. Schedule a free appointment and get a free quote for your excavating project. No commitment, no questions asked.

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Ace Excavating Services in Hyde Park, Austin

Austin is a fast-growing part of Texas, with housing projects and commercial construction going up everywhere. Construction projects of these types always begin with preparing the land, and Ace Excavating Austin is committed to excellence in this area. We work with construction companies and landowners to ensure that their excavation project goes smoothly. Services include land clearing, grading, and trenching. Projects can range from clearing debris off the land to digging a drainage ditch or preparing for the foundation of a heavy commercial building. 

Land Clearing

Land clearing is much more than taking everything off a property so it can be developed. At Ace Excavating Austin, we will help you after the latest hurricane, tornado, or other severe weather makes a mess of your yard. Finally, we can clear your underbrush without knocking down trees. This allows for sensible forest management without environmental damage.

Land Grading

Before a contractor can safely begin a residential or commercial building, the land often must be graded. This is necessary because a flat surface is generally required to pour a good building foundation, and land is rarely flat. Land grading can correct minor unevenness, or it can involve slicing into a hill.


Whether you need a drainage ditch, a French drain, or something else, Ace Excavating Austin can help. We have earth moving equipment that can dig trenches of all sizes and shapes. If your goal for the trench is more than we can handle, our expert crews will collaborate with any other contractors that may be working on the project.

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  • Population: 5,947
  • Geo Coordinates: 30.305281, -97.730534
  • Postcodes: 78751

Local Roads

  • 38th Street to the South
  • 45th Street to the North
  • Duval Street to the East
  • and Guadalupe Street to the West

Airports Nearby

  • Austin-Bergstrom International Airport
  • Austin Executive Airport
  • Bud Dryden Airport
  • Signature Flight Support AUS – Austin-Bergstr
  • Atlantic Aviation AUS,
  • Henriksen Jet Center- Austin Executive Airport

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  • lLee Elementary School
  • Kealing Middle School
  • McCallum High School
  • Hyde Park Schools
  • Sri Atmananda Memorial School

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  • Barton Springs
  • Deep Eddy Pool
  • Lions Municipal Golf Course
  • Wooldridge Park
  • Zilker Park

One of the many excellent dining establishments along Duval, Mother’s has been serving up hearty vegetarian and vegan fare for over three decades. Whether you rip into the award-winning Bueno Burger—which we dubbed one of the five best veggie burgers in Austin—or opt for a big bowl of greens topped with Cashew Tamari (probably the most renowned salad dressing in Austin), you—and even the meat-eaters in your life—are sure to come back for seconds.

With a history dating back to 1899, when it was founded by the former mayor of Austin (Lewis Hancock Jr. himself), the beautiful Hancock Golf Course is one of the oldest courses in Texas. What was originally an 18-hole course spread out over the rolling green hills has over the years been simplified down to a par-35 nine-hole course that runs along Waller Creek and is open to the public.

If you haven’t heard of Elisabet Ney, you’re probably not alone, but if you’re an appreciator of art, history, or just buildings that kind of resemble castles, this museum is worth a visit. The former studio of Ney, an 18th century sculptor, the building also served as a gathering place for notable Texans where art, politics and philosophy were discussed. After Ney’s death in 1907, the studio and its contents were preserved, and now the museum is open and available for the public to enjoy—over 100 years later.