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Whether you are looking to build a home, roadway, commercial building, or parking lot, site preparation is critical. It includes clearing of land, demolition of existing structures in the area, leveling, and dirt work. Ace offers dirt work and other excavating services in and around Austin, TX for any kind of construction project. 

To be effectively done, you will need to use professional dirt work services in Austin with a great business reputation and integrity.

 Also, a corporation with the necessary machinery and equipment will be ideal for hitting the project’s end date and saving time and money. Such work will be done by our well-trained, skilled, and experienced workforce. Ace Excavating Austin can help with dirt work services for your property, contact us using the estimate form. 

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Why You Should Choose Our Excavation Services

Creating a successful relationship between our business and customers is core to ensuring all our local customers here in Austin TX, get high-standard excavation services from Ace. We have the perfect machinery for every kind of work operated by skilled professionals with many years of experience.

Ace Excavating Austin is a local business within  Austin, TX. All our work is done with high professionalism, ethics, and values to deliver our clients’ best excavation services. We are after the dirty job.

We take every construction project with the same passion and care as our customers. Our highly skilled operators got the needed skills to ensure the work is complete at the planned time and date.

Ace Excavating Austin has been in this business for a long time, working with clients all over Austin, TX, and the surrounding area. You can count on us for any commercial or residential/ personal excavation projects.

In 2021, Ace Excavating Austin is among the top-rated excavation companies for providing high-quality services over the years. Rating and reviews from satisfied clients have made Ace Excavating stand out above the competition.

DirtWork Austin TX Excavating Services

Just as it sounds, dirt work, also called earthmoving, is the initial step of land preparation for construction or any other project. It comes before the foundation is laid.

This process will help in preparing the ground adequately to avoid problems in the future. Some of these problems may include improper rainwater drainage and ground shifting, leading to cracking of the concrete foundation-tree roots into underground structures.

Ace Excavating Austin has made a name for itself in the Austin area over the years for delivering high-standard services. Here’re some of the dirt work services that we do include:

Land Clearing

The first step of dirt work is to remove all the vegetation on site. If you want your property or site to have some vegetation, we can clear the unnecessary and leave the rest for you.

 With our advanced heavy earthmoving machines, we do uproot trees, rake roots, and stumps removal. Our work ensures that the chances of other vegetation growing on-site are as minimal as they could be. We also do consider the climate and types of plants in Austin, TX.

Land clearing in every location is important as it will prevent wildfires from spreading to your property, provide clear hunting, enable farming, and prepare a construction site, among others.


Land grading is a very important part of dirt moving. It could help in soil stabilization hence giving a firm foundation. Land grading also helps prevent floods near any constructions by ensuring that the ground is raised to always flow from the building.

Regardless of whether it’s a shed, house, garage, road, or driveway, grading is a must in any location to save you money that you could have otherwise used in the future for repairs caused by flooding. In Austin, TX, we know the slopes well and regions where flooding could be a major issue for many years.

Driveway Creation, Austin TX

A driveway offers easier movement in and out of your property. It is a local custom to construct one here in Austin, TX too. If you wish to have a construction entrance for efficient delivery of construction materials such as rock within your property, our team will help with site preparations.

 Using our powerful excavators we will clear the vegetation, pack the dirt firmly and grade it to ensure firmness. It guarantees stability even when heavy loads are used on it. Depending on the type of soil structure of the underneath rocks, our team will guide you on whether it would be necessary to apply gravel.

Trench Digging

Our experienced workforce will do trenching for piped water, fiber and septic by using our advanced machines. Our machines are invented for this kind of hard, dirty work. For instance, the trenchers will make narrow trenches that will not be costly to operate.

By looking at your land terrain in Austin, TX, our team/contractor can judge the equipment categories to provide the right power to dig trenches designed to lead water away from your site.

Water Detention Ponds Creation

Grading will help to move water away from your construction. But, how about storing clean water for other residential or work uses? You could use the water stored when the dry season in Austin TX, comes.

Our team understands that there is more to it than just pushing or moving a pile of dirt. Our contractor will also help you in details like planning if you decide to store clean water.

We will help you construct ponds for water storage and well-constructed trenches to efficiently lead water into the ponds. It gives you the advantage of lowering the water table, maintaining your buildings’ foundations’ integrity.


When dealing with site preparation where structures existed previously, removal excavation may be the option before starting the next project. If you are not sure of what needs to be done to your property, call and ask Ace Excavating Austin TX, and we will send a team of professionals to assess the work and show you how to handle the project.

 There are several excavation approaches, from using simple handheld tools or heavy-duty machines to blasting with explosives for hard rocks and strong structures.

Our team is well equipped to carry out any dirt movement method necessary and permitted by the local authorities within Austin, TX. Should you worry about soil removal or wildlife disturbance, our team will use special tools for environment-friendly excavation. It will also help in soil water retention.

Ace Excavating Austin-Locally Owned and Operated

Over the years, our company has earned the trust of many clients who needed dirt work services by demonstrating a high level of professionalism and ethics in earth moving. In 2021, it has cemented its position as the go-to company for excavation projects.

We genuinely care about our customers and hold a high commitment to customer service in every work we do. Regardless of the dirty work involved, our high standard of serving every client is upheld by all the ace workers across the business.

 We have managed to do many projects serving different clients, from residential to corporate contracts that range from general earthmoving to complex excavation.

When doing our business, we work closely with our clients and top industry professionals and consult the relevant authorities for clearance. Our machines are well equipped to handle any project, including commercial or residential property services.

With many years of experience in dirty work excavation serving the great people of Austin, Texas, we have a wide understanding of Texas’s dirt rock and soil properties, enabling us to handle any project with ease and deliver high-standard services.

The terrain in Austin, Texas, is very different from other parts. It’s because Austin, Texas, is rich in clay soil, which shrinks under moist conditions. We have experts in our team who will advise handling projects, ensuring business sustainability during the arid summer and the humid weather.

Our team is well trained for the dirt job with modern technology machines ensuring that they deliver what your business requires within Texas.

Why do you need to hire us?

Ace Excavating Austin, TX, has a top rating for delivering quality and high standard work. Over the years, we’ve evolved our business to suit all the dirt work services that Texas residents require in excavation and earthmoving services.

 The dirt work business involves a full range of work, including clearing vegetation, excavating, grading soil, breaking rocks, and digging trenches, among other services. Call us for more details.

We invest in well-trained operators with the needed skills to deliver quality and friendly work/service. They help our Texas clients in planning and other services.  You won’t have to hire multiple companies for a dirt job. We got all you need here in Austin, TX.

Ace has got a high rating from previous clients that we’ve done business with.   We work closely with many Texas contractors and other relevant business professionals to understand what you need when we start construction. Ace Excavating is your ultimate contractor; we are just a phone call away.

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Wrapping UP

If you need dirt work services in Austin, TX, and surrounding, do not look any further. Consider Ace Excavating Austin, a top-rated all-around business owned and operated by locals passionate about what they do.

With modern 2021  equipment and highly trained specialists, you will have your dirt work done within the set time,  observing all the local laws in Austin, TX.  For commercial or residential projects, big or small, call us or leave your name and phone number. Our representatives will gladly help you any time.

If you are not well conversant with the work, don’t worry! We got your back. Our team will take you through. We’ve been serving in Austin, Texas, for many years, and we understand the area’s soil structure. The experience we’ve gained over the years ensures sustainable grounds for any project.

Whether it’s business construction, road, or farm, our wide variety of construction machines here in Austin will suit your land. Call us, and we’ll give you the best services in Austin, Texas.  Let’s do your dirty job at your preferred location or date.